Nike Early Harvest
Robust, Exceptional Quality
Medical Recognition of Health Effects

ELEO Nike - 500ML - Robust, Excellent

Anyone who has to recover from strenuous exercise, illness or intestinal and skin problems would do well to use the Nike olive oil daily. The oil is exceptionally high in polyphenols, which help the immune system deal with numerous problems in your body. Hence the name Nike, which means victory.

ELEO Nike also tastes exceptionally good. The slightly bitter olive oil has a pleasant smell and enhances the taste of many dishes. The aftertaste is very peppery – these are the polyphenols that act on receptors in your throat.

Filippas Picual grows olives in the north of Greece. This olive variety is doing well at an hour’s drive from Thessaloniki (which is also why it is called Nike). By harvesting the olives early and pressing them immediately, an extraordinarily beautiful olive oil is created, which is very rich in polyphenols.
In addition to being extremely tasty and extremely healthy, this oil is also of exceptional quality with an acidity of 0.15%.
Note: Because the harvest takes place while the olives are not yet fully grown, production is limited.

✓ Fresh from the land on the table
✓ Excellent quality
✓ Super healthy (complies with EU432/2012 medicinal food directive)
✓ Robust taste, exceptionally tasty
✓ Packaged in a bottle, wrapped with a label, so that virtually no UV can penetrate the oil

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